New rentals every month: Check back often to look for your new home.



Looking for a house or an apartment in the DeKalb area? We have what you are looking for.


Rock Falls

Various rental units available in the Rock Falls area.


(Inset: Louie Bellson - is credited with pioneering the use of two bass drums)



Several locations in the Dixon area available for rent.

Types of home range from single family to apartment buildings to suit your lifestyle.



Apartments of various sizes available to rent throughout Sterling.

DeKalb County

Various rentals in DeKalb county.


Lee County

Houses and apartments available in the Lee county area.


Whiteside County

Featuring rentals in the one of five Counties in Western Illinois to be Awarded the Project to Enhance Business Climate revitalization.


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** SNL Properties has garages available for rent in Sterling starting at $45.00 per month **

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